Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outside The Box

I am awkward in front of the camera. Really awkward. Giggly, shifty, nervous chatter about everything-in-the-world kind of awkward. Maybe it's the fact that I spend so much time behind the camera and not in front of it. It's my security blanket. Sure, I can stand and paste a smile on. I can make a ridiculous face. I cannot, however, look even slightly normal when a camera is pointed my way.

Or so I thought.

The tables were turned during my recent trip to Las Vegas. My new (and uber talented friend) Sasha, was kind enough to turn his lens on me. He was patient, totally non-judgy of my faces, and made me feel kind of like a model. Which is pretty cool.

At some point, my brain shut off and instead of the constant
"Suck in!"
"Oh no. My chin. It's so weeeird."
"Don't blink."

I started to relax. Thank you Sasha for helping me outside my box, filling my head with knowledge, and taking some stellar pictures!

Photos by Sasha, a San Francisco wedding photographer.


  1. Beautiful Pics!!!!!

  2. Love it! It was a super fun shoot!! Thanks, Jessica!

  3. omg I have such a stunningly beautiful daughter...and on the inside she is even more beautiful! love you baby girl