Tuesday, February 15, 2011

101 IN 1001

101 IN 1001

In an attempt to keep myself on track, I need lists. I need goals written and numbered, my dreams laid out in such a way they can't easily be back-burnered. I'm a list girl.

This is my list. A complete list of 101 things I want to do in the next 1001 days. I will be referring back to this list as I work on checking things off. And you? Well internet, I need you to hold me accountable.
*Bolded items are completed

Start Date: February 15, 2010
End Date: November 12, 2013

1. Get a custom blog that matches my website.

2. Make dinner every night for an entire week. (0/7)

3. Read ten books to benefit my business. (0/10)

4. Plant flowers around the house. (landscaping)

5. Keep above flowers alive for more than one month.

6. Attend a Mike Colon workshop.

7. Attend a Jasmine Star workshop.

8. Blog every day for one month. (0/30)

9. Blog once a week for a year. (0/52)

10. Learn to tango.

11. Visit Italy.

12. Start sending out business holiday cards.

13. Take a pottery class.

14. Keep the house squeaky clean for one month.

15. Finish painting and decorating the house.

16. Purchase a jacuzzi.

17. Build a pergola to go over said jacuzzi.

18. Spend more time with friends.

19. Host a dinner party.

20. Design new client packets.

21. Order all new sample albums.

22. Get new headshots for my website and blog.

23. Go on a mini-vacation with a friend.

24. Buy a new car.

25. Attend WPPI.

26. Visit Biltmore Estates again.

27. Put more framed photos around the house.

28. Donate $5 for every item on my list that is not completed at the end of 1001 days

29. Get a tattoo.

30. Go on a cruise.

31. Get published in a national blog.

32. Get published in a magazine.

33. Invest in the stock market.

34. Put money into a CD.

35. Run 2 times a week (for 2 months).

36. Fly in a hot air balloon.

37. Participate in another bridal fair.

38. Shoot a destination wedding.

39. Make sushi..successfully.

40. Buy the wand tv remote. Because it's life-changing/magical.

41. Visit the Harry Potter theme park.

42. Go hang gliding.

43. Become a better pen pal. (Reply within 1 week)

44. Visit 5 new states.

45. Restore a vintage camper.

46. Take aforementioned camper on epic road trip.

47. Create an Etsy page.

48. Create a savings account. And don't spend it.

49. Make 5 local photography friends. Meet monthly.

50. Meet James Marsters.

51. Create a Twitter account and use it.

52. Swim with dolphins.

53. Collaborate with a local videographer for a promo video.

54. Learn to play poker.

55. Keep an indoor plant alive for 1001 days.

56. Find and purchase Raspberry Lambick. Delicious.

57. Have a guest blogger.

58. Be a guest blogger.

59. Get a macro lens.

60. See a Cirque du Soleil show.

61. Take 20 self portraits. (0/20)

62. Run a marathon.

63. Join a book club.

64. Go on a Bioluminescent Bay kayaking tour.

65. Learn to limbo better.

66. Get fresh flowers weekly.

67. Get canvas prints made for my house.

68. Reach 500 fans on Facebook.

69. Buy a Chanel bag.

70. Don't complain about anything for a week.

71. Learn a poem by heart.

72. Make a custom recipe book.

73. Meet my biological father.

74. Take a dance class.

75. Take a family photo.

76. Get scuba certified.

77. Play laser tag.

78. Read all of Jane Austen's books.

79. Do a sunrise photoshoot.

80. Enter a photo in a print competition.

81. Donate my photography services to a charity effort.

82. Re-organize my computer files.

83. Visit Edgar Allan Poe's gravesite.

84. Go bowling.

85. Go through the Apartment Therapy Cure, from start to finish.

86. Learn how to use a sewing machine.

87. Write 1 blog a month for 1 year with an interview of a local vendor.

88. See a drive-in movie.

89. Host a game night.

90. Learn how to make a good gumbo.

91. Go on a photographer's retreat.

92. Purchase all the Susan Stripling Think Books.

93. Go camping.

94. Take a self defense class.

95. Assemble the playground I bought a YEAR ago.

96. Bake something fun and new monthly. Document with pictures.

97. Write, illustrate, and print a children's book. For me and the boy. Just because.

98. Keep my car clean for at least a month.

99. Scuba dive a coral reef.

100. Go to the shooting range once a month.

101. Take 5 free classes from Hobby Lobby. (0/5)

And because I've talked for a long, LONG time now.......photographic proof of accomplishing goal #83. And lookin' suuuuuper dorky because I was too paranoid to let someone else hold my camera.


  1. that epic roadtrip in the camper better be coming thru pa!

  2. This makes me so, so happy. Consider me a companion for pretty much all of these, if you want company : )