Monday, February 28, 2011

Kisses & Disses: Airport bookstores & Icy Puddles

"Are you sure you don't need a book?"

I nodded, pushing a loose strand of hair out of my eyes. She studied my face closely before turning away and running her fingers lightly across the spines of the books behind her. She lingered on one, a bright orange paperback with a glossy cover.

"This one. You'll love it," she whispered softly.

She pushed the book gently into my hands and nodded slightly, a smile spreading across her face.

And I did.

This leads me to my first installment of Kisses & Disses (a weekly blog series borrowed from one of my favorite photographers, Jasmine Star.

This week's Kisses go to:

*Airport bookstore ladies. My 2-hour layover in Denver was made much better with that book.

*Little Bee - not only was it a great read, it was exceptionally well written. It was funny, thought provoking, and a little heartbreaking. It's also the first time in a long while I found myself bookmarking excerpts to revisit later.

*DVRs. There is something amazingly awesome about going on a trip, and coming back to all your favorite shows. Ready, waiting, and commercial-free. Thank-you Charter!

*Three-year olds that wrap you a present out of socks. Just because.

*Etsy. Because it's amazing and addictive.

This week's Disses go to:

*COLD WEATHER. Didn't a certain groundhog tell us we had some warm weather coming??

*Freezing puddles deeper than your ankles. Because they're cold and are obviously trying to end the life of your brand new shoes.

* *Etsy. Because it's amazing and addictive. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

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