Friday, October 16, 2009

Wedding: Sarah and Justin

She nervously paced the length of the hallway, arms down, left hand lightly tracing the beading on her dress. She looked up and smiled slightly, a delicate, polite smile.

"It's okay to be nervous," I said.

"I know...once I see him I'll be fine, I just.."

"I know."

And she was. From the moment she saw him she became a pillar of quiet strength. Together they went into their own world of hushed laughter, adoration, and love. So much love.

Sarah and Justin, I cannot thank you enough for choosing to include me on your special day. It's people like you that give me excitement and optimism for the future. To know I am lucky enough to be able to document the love of those around me makes me swoon...Really. I wish you two a wonderful life together and I can't wait to do our day-after pictures!

Sarah got her hair and makeup done at The Hair Shoppe in Joppa. It was lovely!

I have a huuuuge crush on this dress. It's incredible!

I was up on the balcony for the ceremony.



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